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I had an ER visit two days ago. The ER doctor recommended I go see Dr.

Leal within 5-7 days. Of course I called immediately after release from the hospital. When I called, I was put on an initial 5 min. hold without warning.

Then an unpleasant and seemingly scornful woman picked up the phone and fired off an enormous list of required documentation before even scheduling a visit. I explained the ER doctor recommended I schedule promptly and could she repeat what they needed. Again, the woman reluctantly rapidly fired through a list what they needed faxed. No indication of time frame, inquiry about the injury, or concern what-so-ever.

However, I complied and immediately went to arrange with the med records at the hospital and request all required documents be faxed to Dr. Leal. I was in the hospital while the documents were faxed, waited 15 mins, called Dr. Leal’s office, was put on hold for 7:32 and when the staff picked up I explained everything had been faxed and could I take an appointment.

Another surely woman placed me on another hold for almost 12 min, never refreshed the call. Came back on the line, said there was no such fax, please send the required information and disconnected the call! I verified with the hospital medical records that all was indeed faxed, waited two more hours and called Dr. Leal again to get an appt.

First I was blindly put on hold for 14 min, no one ever refreshed the call. I called back and was tersely informed that they would look to see if they could "find" my faxed medical information. I explained I was calling after an ER visit etc., that my records had been faxed and I was interrupted to suddenly be placed on another 8:52 min hold. When the call was picked up, it was an entirely different person who was equally unpleasant and had no idea what the previous conversation was about.

I explained that I was told to see Dr. Leal within a timeframe and that the ER doctor specified, "not to chase my pain" (I apparently require back surgery). The woman named "Maria" could not have been ruder or more unhelpful had she tried, she even shouted, “I’m trying to help you”. Really?

Then not yelling would be advised. By this time, I was in my primary physician's office and the doctor was right beside me. She asked me to hold and I asked her name. She demanded my phone number before giving me her name, umm ok.

She said she would call me back but placed me on hold during which time my primary made one phone call and scheduled an immediate appointment with another doctor. Of course she never did call back. Even though my insurance would have covered all costs, I would have regretted supporting this practice in ANY way.

If the scheduling line is an inkling of the health care practice then AVOID AT ALL COSTS. It was a truly an atrocious attempt at scheduling and communication, I can’t imagine what the care or follow up is like.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Jorge J Leal Md. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I would have reported that to the hospital.Same thing happened to me but I had a stroke.They wanted me to see this certain doctor.I called and they said well we can put you on the waiting list you are like 375.I just called the hospital back and told them what happened.Half an hour later the doctors office calls me back to make a appointment.Go above their head they do not want to lose their hospital they want to practice at.

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